About the Program

Taking advantage of its strength in neuroscience research and graduate training, the University of Miami has developed an outstanding undergraduate neuroscience major. A key component of this program is the integration of neuroscience faculty at the Miller School of Medicine with those in the College of Arts & Sciences’ Departments of Psychology and Biology on the Coral Gables campus. Faculty members cross campuses to share their expertise with undergraduates, and students may gain research experience in neuroscience faculty laboratories. Another component is the development of several undergraduate courses including: a comprehensive neuroscience laboratory course, a course in the mechanisms of neural diseases and a developmental biology class. These courses add to an extensive set of neuroscience courses in the Department of Biology and Department of Psychology that are available to neuroscience majors.

Our undergraduate program has the goal of attracting highly qualified students. Students are encouraged to be active participants in the local neuroscience community. Graduates with a Bachelor of Science in neuroscience will be highly qualified candidates for health professional schools or for graduate programs in the biomedical/mental health fields. Pre-medical students will be able to fulfill all academic requirements for admission to medical school and have the opportunity to work with medical school faculty during their undergraduate studies. The standards for admission to this program are 1360 SAT (math and verbal), 30 ACT (composite) or a GPA of 3.5 after 24 credits of work at University of Miami. Internal transfer students need a 3.5 GPA to enter the program. Students are encouraged to join Nu Rho Psi, the undergraduate neuroscience honor society.